Wisdom Tooth Removal And Extractions

Normally when the wisdom is upright and fully erupted can be removed by a dental surgeon.

But most of the times it is tilted or drifted and impacted within the gum or bone.
In those cases it hampers the molar next to the wisdom tooth making it prone to root canal treatment.

When the lower third molars are impacted then the oral maxillofacial surgeon operates the tooth by reflecting the gum tissue and at times reducing bone around the wisdom tooth with a tooth drill . As the tooth becomes more visible it is luxated within the socket or sometimes tooth is separated in few parts and then removed in few pieces along with their roots.

Later socket is flushed with antiseptic solution and curetted. And later the gum is sutured back closing the open bony socket.

There is slight discomfort and mild swelling is expected after the surgical extraction.
Patient has been advised antibiotics and painkillers to reduce the pain threshold.
Sutures are removed after 7 days .