Dental Tourism

India is one of the best countries to travel to because of its vast diversity in culture and climate. The country is rich in appetising flavours of different regions and caters to tourists seeking spirituality.

You can take the added advantage of tourism with dental treatment at our clinic. Clubbing these options can reduce your expenses of dental treatment in your original region.

Additionally, dental treatments are one of the most sought-after treatments here because of world-renowned dentists and their highly secure procedures that reduces risk and maximises benefit.


Services available for tourists


  •    Full mouth rehabilitation
  •    Dental implants
  •    Surgical Extractions
  •    Veneers
  •    Metal-free crowns and bridges
  •    Wisdom tooth extractions
  •    Root canal treatment
  •    Tooth jewellery
  •    Gum surgery
  •    Braces


Give your smile the attention it needs in India!

Travelling to India is an experience that cannot be replicated. The intricate forts and surreal temples, the majestic palaces and lakes and much more are all part of the travel here.

You can maximise your vacation by getting your dental treatments done at our clinic. Located in Navi Mumbai, the biggest planned city and one of the cleanest cities in India, you can get excellent orthodontic services at affordable prices.  


Why choose our dental clinic?


  • Expert professionals: At Dental Care, you can be sure to get treatment that is long lasting (we also offer a warranty on some of our treatments) and done in a professional manner. Our dentists can resolve dental issues without causing pain or discomfort and use advanced technologies for performing dental procedures.
  • Quality services: We make use of the best components for your dental treatment and manage to keep the cost low. We extend the benefit to our international clients in need of dental services.
  • Aesthetically beautiful city: Our clinic is located in Navi Mumbai. It is the biggest planned cities of India and caters to the aesthetic appeal. It is also among the cleanest cities in India. Navi Mumbai is well connected to many famous tourist destination spots like Lonavala, Mahabaleshwar, Khandala and Mumbai. You can fulfil the dual purpose of travelling and get dental treatment here.