Complete Dentures And Cast Partial Dentures

Complete dentures are given for completely edentulous patients. Patients cannot chew their food and complains of indigestion and acidity. They complain of pain of the bony ridges and cheek musculature and TMJ too.

complete dentures can be given in 2 sittings by prosthodontist Dr Shailesh bhalerao or within 7 to 15 days by the dentist in 5 to 6 sittings.

first the primary impression is made.
second the final impression is made.
later the Jaw relation is recorded the lab does the trial teeth setting and it is trialed in the patients oral cavity.
Lastly the trial is send to the lab and the final teeth setting with acrylic denture is delivered to the patient.

With the complete denture patients vertical facial height and bulge in the cheeck musculature is achieved providing phonetics and mastication to the patient.

Needs few appointments for adjustment of the complete denture with regards to soft tissues.

Cast Partial denture

Cast partial treatment is given to the patient who has partial edentulous arches. It is more retentive than removable partial denture.

  • Impression is been made and sent it to the lab.
  • Metal frame design is been fabricated by the lab according to dentist guidelines.
  • Acrylic teeth are being placed on the metal framework.
  • Trail is being done in the patient’s mouth.
  • Final cast partial denture is delivered to the patient.

Benefits of Cast Partial Denture

  • It gives sensation of hot & cold to the patient due to metal framework.
  • More retentive because of occlusal rests and clasps.
  • Less possibility of food lodgement at the junction of teeth & partial denture.